thule force vs motion

I went for the Force XT XL for a couple reasons. Thule Force XT XL Extra Large roof box is a ideal for large loading capacity with dual side opening and quick mounting. Thule's Motion XT is the first roof box I've used and it's proved a really handy addition to the car. vs the Motion I think the matte plastic finish will be more damage tolerant than paint. Force L. Force Alpine: Volume: 21 cu. £485.00. Force XXL: Force XL. 50 kg: 110 lbs. And it does a great job. Many users have praised this product for good reasons. Just to update - went with Thule raised feet, Thule Wingbar Evo bars (black), and Thule Motion XT XL box - rather chuffed - reasonably quiet (a little wind noise at 120kph) but certainly bearable, and rather pleasing to look at for what is a large roof box at 500 litres. £675.00. ft. 595 L: 17 cu. How little space is needed? As with its predecessor, the Thule Motion 200 is the perfect roof box for virtually all sizes of vehicles from small, medium to large. The Thule Force XT XL is the largest model in the range. Thule Motion XT Cargo Box. If you are looking for a rooftop cargo box, the Motion XT will probably tick all your boxes. Thule 629201 Roof Boxes Motion XT, Black Glossy, Size M. Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier 20 Cubic Feet Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Soft Boxes with 8 Reinforced Straps for All Cars with/Without Rack. Installation: Installing the Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box was a breeze. The only adjustments needed were on our existing mounting bars. With its solid construction, stylish design, and huge capacity, … It was very close to clearing both. ft. 481 L: 13 cu. View details. Bap33. Thule Force XT XL Roof Box. Rating ★★★★☆ Date of test June 2017; Price from £470 (at time of publishing) Buy one at; The Motion XT roof box is sturdy, sleek and full of innovative features. The Thule Vector roof cargo box looks like a sports car, this unique design is similar to the other Thule boxes like the Motion and the Force, there are many benefits of this design, it allows the air to pass around the structure of the box with minimal resistance, a low air resistance is beneficial on the long run, a lower fuel consumption is always a good thing. The cargo box is specifically designed to provide consumers with a cheap alternative for carrying items when in transit with their cars. For this article, I am concentrating on the Thule Force Cargo box. It is easy to install, has plenty of space for many pairs of skis, and its components are impressively durable. 1 Link to post Share on other sites. The Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box is a stylish and spacious roof mounted cargo box. Thule Force XT Sport Thule Force XT - L Thule Force XT - XL Thule Force XT-XXL Volume 11 cu ft 16 cu ft 18 cu ft 22 cu ft External Dimensions 74.75 x 24.75 x 16.75 in 74.75 x 33 x 18 in 82.75 x 33.75 x 17.25 in 90.5 x 35.5 x 18.5 in Load Capacity 165 lb 165 lb 165 lb 165 lb Product Weight 32 lb 41 lb 47 lb 52 lb Load Capacity Skis (Pairs) 3-5 5-7 I … You will chose right product because my site use AI Technology and Big Data to filter milions products. Features. The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is one of the must have cargo boxes if looking for more space when traveling by your car. The Motion XT series is built to offer more weight bearing capacity and can take 75 kgs versus the 50kg capacity of the Touring series. This box features the all new locking system – the ultimate when it comes to ease of use. What is the CHOICE Expert Rating. October 15, 2019, 10:11pm #4. in what aspect? And, by becoming two of the biggest brands in the business, these companies are both synonymous with […] These things are already $600+. It also features the patented PowerClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple & secure fixing. Whether heading off to enjoy your favourite activity or carrying extra gear in everyday life, THULE Force XT is a great choice for your needs. View details. It comes in an exclusive matt black lid colour, with a dual side opening allowing for easy access to all areas of the box. CHOICE Expert Rating . Thule Motion Range. Outdoor gear thule force m motion eller l manual oder - I returned the Thules and purchased The Malone J type cradles and have not had an issue for several years. Thule describes is as a 'versatile box for everyday use' and it comes with the same PowerClick quick-mount system as the Motion range as well as dual side opening - meaning it can be opened from either the right or left. Grip-friendly outer handles and supporting lid-lifters ensure safe and smooth lid opening in all conditions. Thanks for any … Motion can be installed on any factory Forester roof racks (or cross bars), and this installation process is simple, you don’t have to hire a specialist to do it for you. Thule Motion XT M. Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. View details. The Thule Force XT Roof Box is perfect for taking everything you need for a family trip away whilst not taking up precious in-car space. A simple adjustment to move the bars forward so we had some better clearance on our open hatch, and then we were able to install the PowerClick quick-mount system. The Force series of cargo boxes is packed with features usually only found on premium priced carriers. CHOICE Expert rating. Moving with the Thule Force Cargo Box. I first bought Thule “Js” and within two months the padding had torn and the attachment hardware was rusting and leaving rust pools on my roof. We filter millions of reviews from customer. Motion: Motion is the change in the position of the body over time. Thule Force Cargo Box Comparison Chart. Bap33 234 Posted 7 June, 2019. £675.00. Thule Motion XT XL - The slope of the back and the channel in the middle allow easy clearance of antenna, about 1-1.5" of clearance to hatch open. The Thule Force XT XL is a solid all-around cargo carrier, offering comparable performance to some much pricier models. There are many videos online to explain how to properly install the Thule Motion, many of our clients completed the installation process in their first try. The Thule Motion 800 is one of our most popular roof boxes with a vast 460 litre capacity, The improved aerodynamic design ensures both smooth and quiet driving. This range of roof box is more popularly known as the most spacious roof box. The Quick-Grip™ mounting system provides fast, easy tool-free installation and removal, and the dual-side opening means faster loading and unloading from either side of the vehicle. The Thule Motion XT cargo box is one of those products though. The Motion XT cargo box from Swedish manufacturer Thule is a premium roof mounted cargo box. This box is suited to medium and large vehicles. 50 kg: 110 lbs. Thule Force XT Large Black Aeroskin £389.00. Exclusive matt black Aeroskin lid colour; Patented Thule PowerClick quick mounting system with integrated torque indicator for simple and secure fixing. With a massive 500 litre volume and 75 kg loading capacity the XL will more than fulfil your luggage carrying requirements. ft. 340 L: Weight Limit : 110 lbs. *JUST LANDED:* Thule Force XT. Thule Motion XT XL Black Glossy. With the extra length the XL offers, it will double up as a ski box, making it extremely versatile for all year round use. In this featured list, the Thule Motion XT XL made it to our top pick.

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