best smallmouth creeks in ky

Anglers have the best chance of the year in the month of March to catch trophy smallmouth bass such as these two beauties held by Ryan Kausing, fisheries technician for Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Contact Us True, the lake can be broken into three separate regions (basins) because of its vastness, but as a whole, it is the best. Maybe I did not get to the right spot and I went last summer in the middle of the heat. Wading creeks is a great way to beat the heat while targeting a wide variety of species of fish. This time of year is probably your best bet to find that big smallmouth you have been looking at catching. Re:Best Smallmouth Fishing in KY Rivers and Streams? The Floyd's holds some good ones. You ought to see the ones Ky Fish and Wildlife sampled. One of the best-known smallmouth streams in Kentucky is Elkhorn Creek. ... Stoner has a reputation for smallmouth fishing. In addition to the Elkhorn Creek system in central Kentucky, anglers can enjoy high quality stream smallmouth fishing across the state. We caught about 40-50 fish with 5 or 6 solid smallmouth. Lucas, KY. Lake Malone State Park. Dunmor, KY. Boat And Fishing Expo. Scenery is great., Lebanon, TN. Fishing Spots Near Franklin KY. Bledsoe Creek State Park. Cedar operates under a minimum 20-inch, one fish a day rule. The little KY river is listed, and is accessible from Point Park in Carrollton (mouth is just a little downstream on the Ohio). Keep in mind, as the water cools for the winter the smallmouth make their way to deeper holes. The little KY river is listed, and is accessible from Point Park in Carrollton (mouth is just a little downstream on the Ohio). 2. var addy10289 = 'support' + '@'; I've actually been very impressed with a lot of the small lakes I've fished here in KY. I have personally fished 6 mile creek in Henry County twice and struck out horribly. Nolin River Lake. addy10289 = addy10289 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; document.getElementById('cloak10289').innerHTML = ''; Also, there is the Blue River in Southern Indiana. Port Royal State Park. SMALLMOUTH. The best fishing is up stream away from the golf course and water treatment plant. The Shortest Creek In The World Also Happens To Be The Most Stunning And It’s Right Here In Kentucky. We have scouted several miles of Indian Creek and found the best spots for congregated schools of fish. I really appreciate all this info guys! It is undeniably the best smallmouth fishery in the United States. The 8 Best Fishing Lakes in Kentucky. Those who fish will catch Hybrid Striped, Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth, White and Yellow Bass, along with Black and White Crappie and the ever popular, and easy to catch, Bluegill. Best Smallmouth Rivers There are many good smallmouth hotspots across the country, but we've got maps, fishing tips, and contact info for local guides on ten of the best. All content provided by is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. However, in this article we’ll focus on smallmouth bass fishing, specifically how to catch summer smallmouth bass in creeks… //, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Click on the “Fishing and Boating” tab, then on the “Where to Fish” tab and then on the printable “Kentucky Smallmouth Streams” brochure. As with most any fishery, the stream has seen up and down years with its smallmouths. All rights reserved. Both branches of the Elkhorn offer exceptional smallmouth and panfishing. Kentucky Smallmouth Bass Streams: The following list of streams where smallmouth bass … Among the best smaller impoundments for early bass action are Guist Creek, Kincaid, Lake Malone, Greenbo and of course Cedar Creek, Kentucky's only waterway under true trophy bass management. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. I am in the Louisville area and already know all about the Elkhorn in the Frankfort/Georgetown/Lexington area and closer to home Floyds Fork. My friends and I have fished Brashear several times. Do you ever run into any trouble with land owners on Elkhorn? Best to check with Canoe Kentucky before putting your cannoe or kyack in to the creek. When smallmouth are hovering on or near the river bed, few lures can top a soft plastics rigged with enough weight to crawl over the rocks and ledges. Smallmouth bass fun up to 20 inches in the lake and make good winter fishing using jigs and float-n-fly fishing techniques. You may want to look at Brashears Creek in Taylorsville. Now, we will take a look at the lakes that were determined to have the best fishing in Kentucky. The state of Kentucky has been an explorer’s paradise for centuries with a diverse landscape that includes mountains, gently rolling hills, gorges, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and creeks. Gallatin, TN. A CRYSTAL CLEAR MECCA. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Stoner Creek, Central KY. Stoner Creek. A kyack paradise. TOPIC: Best Smallmouth Fishing in KY Rivers and Streams? I've never been, but hope to some day. Both lakes have a good population of smallmouth, but it seems like over the years Kentucky has the better population. I am not looking for anyone to divulge their secret fishing holes but I would like to know what waters hold good populations of smallmouth bass. They pull so hard and feel monstrous on that light tackle! I want to try that sometime. South Fork, Licking River: Lair to Terry Dam Ramp, 5 miles, Harrison County: Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. One of my favorite methods of fishing during the summer months is wading creeks and small rivers. Long Hunter State Park. From what I have seen Brashears holds them but nothing of size. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Mid-October through late spring is the best time of year to catch large smallmouth bass in these reservoirs. 51 Posts . This email address is being protected from spambots. I have heard the Nolin River is good for smallmouth and several of the rivers and streams around Bowling Green are as well. As we mentioned before, please remember that creeks, streams, and river are not included in our rankings. You can rent a Kyack or canoe from Canoe Kentucky or put your own in. Best Smallmouth Rivers I'm pretty stoked to finally hit the creeks again. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; It has been a favorite with anglers for many years and has received much acclaim. Fryman’s Boat Dock on Spear’s Mill Rd. Smallmouth Bass Spring Patterns. In the spring time, smallmouth are more active than any other time of year. I'm not sure how it compares to the Elkhorn, but there are smallmouth there. When it comes to the local fishing scene, Indian Creek is one of the best wading opportunities for smallmouth, a species of bass that is known for its charisma and fight on the end of a line.

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